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Honoring Maternal Love

Isn’t it beautiful how our human hearts long to honor and praise someone we hold dear? We are designed to express gratitude and appreciation. We’ve been wonderfully made to love like this and so over the years, people have started to recognize special people and have passed it on and turned it into particular days and events marking it cultural traditions and a big one is coming up! You know it! It’s Mother’s Day.

Our beliefs place a special emphasis on the virtues of sacrifice, love, and selflessness- all qualities exemplified by mothers. As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, let us extend our gratitude for those who have also given us maternal love other than our own biological mothers; our mentors, caregivers and prayer warriors. If you’re having a little trouble trying to find the best way to let them know that you acknowledge their love, let us help you with a little list of heartfelt things you can do for your moms. Grand moms, special second moms and all your loving mamas out there:

1. Gifts with Meaning: As you know your mama best, choose presents which capture her likes and personality. Let her know that you thoroughly thought about the gift; be it a personalized item from a specialty store, something fashionable for her to remember you every time she wears it, an item that reflects her hobbies, something useful around the office and the house, and the list goes on. Every thoughtful gift remains special in the heart of the receiver.

2. Quality Time: We know how busy we can get especially with work or studies and we might not have been able to manage our time wisely and have a bit of time to just sit and chat with mom or share some stories over tea. Sometimes, the best gift you can give your mom is your time and attention. Spending quality time in conversation, doing an activity you both like, giggling over memories of old times, or just enjoying each other’s company. A mother can be a trusted friend and time is never wasted with her.

3. Plan a Special Trip: A special day just for mom! How exciting! Plan a day where you can explore her favorite places, do a food trip and drive to all her favorite places with her favorite dishes, set up a picnic in the park, it could also be a cozy day at home with crafts or do something she’s always wanted to do but never had the time to do so. Take a cooking lesson for exotic dishes, a pottery or art class together. The key is to make her feel celebrated and loved.

4. Acts of Service: It seems that acts of service are every mother’s love language and it’s time to embody that for a day that honors being a mom. Take on chores that she usually handles at home, cook her favorite meal, bake a dessert, pamper her and do her nails, have a skincare session or a relaxing spa day at home. How lovely to do all these with your beautiful mothers.

5. Create a Scrapbook: A memory book is so special as it is filled with the best pictures and mementos for significant life events. Put together the best ones and make handwritten notes that highlight the best milestones shared with your mother. You may add a sweet touch by including a thoughtful letter or card that you have written expressing gratitude. Make sure you mention specific memories and just how much she means to you.

Remember, the essential idea is to show your mother that you love and appreciate her, not just because it’s Mother’s Day, but because she makes your life more amazing every day. We hope our little list helps you in deciding what to do for your mama bear, mom, mommy, mum, and meemaw. Share the love of Christ today by loving like a mother.


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