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Wearing Your Sunday's Best Every Day: 3 Reasons Why You Should Look Your Best Every Day!

When you hear someone say "I'm wearing my Sunday's best", what comes to mind? You think they are wearing the best suit they have because everyone at least dresses up for church on Sunday right? Most people know that the right church suit, will not be cheap unless it actually looks cheap, then it wouldn't be the right suit would it? Normally in order to wear a quality suit for church you would normally have to pay high price which may have you crying to your Pastor but not anymore. Why wait for Sunday to look your best when you can do it all week long. Don't believe it can be true? Find how and why you should wear your Sunday's best every day with these three great tips!

Tip Number One: How you dress says a lot about you

How you dress says a lot about you. There are times when you can look at someone and can gather what kind of attributes and behaviors they might exhibit. If they dress in a detailed manner, one might gather that they are meticulous. If they dress in a manner that is disheveled one could gather that they are disorganized and do not think highly of themselves. One could argue but that isn't fair if their clothes are of high quality. That argument is true but quality and how one dress with detail and care are two different things. The latter is in the total control of the individual.

Tip Number Two: Dressing your best everyday says that you are a confident person

There is a saying that "If you look good, then you feel good". Well if you good then you are more than likely to perform better at whatever you do and exude an increased level of confidence in everyday life. Who wouldn't want that? You might be saying, "that's a bunch of bologna" but how have you felt after someone gave you a compliment on your tie, suit or dress. Whether it was your boss or the opposite sex, you must admit that you felt better and it put a "pep" in your step. This "pep" in your step gave you a little more confidence. Now what you did with that confidence is for a whole another topic and article.

Tip Number Three: Dressing your best can create opportunities beyond your wildest imagination

Dressing your best, gets you noticed. Once you get noticed, you must allow your skill and talent to shine like the sun a bright summer Saturday morning. I use to go to work for a certain call center some years back and I used to wear a shirt and tie every day to work. Everyone else wore casual clothes with the occasional dress up day depending if the big bosses were coming to the office. Everyday, the boss of the call center would see me and say hello and give me a compliment on my tie. One day there was an important meeting that only certain employees were invited to. They ended up needing an extra employee in the meeting that day. The boss came out of the meeting room and motioned for me to come into the room. I ended up meeting different managers which ultimately gave me a lateral promotion through hard work and forming good relationships. I am convinced that this would not have occurred if I didn't wear a tie to work every day. The moral of this point is not to wear a tie every day to work but dress your best at all times. You never know what opportunity will come from it.

Dressing your best everyday use to be difficult because of how much suits, dresses, ties, hats and other accessories would cost. For many people, Monday through Saturday is dress down time but on Sunday, when its time for church, they get dressed up. You almost are amazed at what you see! It is as if someone kidnapped the person that normally dressed down for the day. They look vibrant, confident and likable. How about dressing like that during the week. Guess what? Doing so won't break your bank and will give you opportunities you didn't see coming. What are you waiting for? Seize the moment and wear your Sunday best all week long with a variety off dresses or suits that fit your style!


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